Math Ref is a math reference application for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Android and Kindle that includes over 1,400 helpful formulas, figures, tips, and examples of the equations and concepts.
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Math Ref Free is a free version of Math Ref. This app gives you just a sample (over 600) of the many helpful formulas, figures, tips, and examples that are included in the full version of Math Ref.
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  • Search to easily find what you’re looking for
  • Zoom-In on equations to get a closer look
  • Save any equation for fast access
  • Lock to landscape or portrait mode
  • Share to Twitter, Facebook, and more
  • Improved iPad UI
    • 2012 Best App Ever – 1st & 2nd Place
    • 2011 Best App Ever – 2nd & 3rd Place
    • 2009-13 Best App Ever – Honorable Mention
    • Featured in Incredible iPad Apps for Dummies
    • Featured in Apps for High School (Summer 2013)
    • Featured in Apps for Learning Math (Apr – 2011)
    • Featured in What’s Hot (Oct – 2009)
    • Featured in Incredible iPhone Apps for Dummies

    The tools section has a lot of great helper apps like a Unit Converter, Projectile Motion Solver, Circle Solver and so much more.

    Quickly find exactly what you’re looking for with our handy search feature. Results are broken up by section so you know where similar equations will be.

    Print support allows you to print a single equation or a group of them from the Favorites section. You can even save the PDF to iBooks or Email a copy to others.

    The favorites feature lets you save any equation so you can quickly get to it later.

    Full landscape support so you can use the app in any orientation. Orientation locking lets you lock the orientation to either portrait or landscape.

    Curious about elements or need to know the atomic weight of Argon? Well, we’ve included a great easy to use periodic table to help you out.

    Get all the great features of the iPhone version on your iPad. The iPad version features a custom UI to take advantage of the large screen. Also, since it’s a universal app, buy once and get both iPhone/iPod and iPad versions.